Find out how to apply for an account, sign the contract, and go live. 



Apply for a myPOS Account


In the Customer Area, you can apply for an account. Click on the "Sign up" button and follow the instructions. The following information will be requested:

  • Legal Form - as per local corporate law
  • Login Details - the details that the merchant will utilize to sign into the myPOS account
  • Company Details - general information about the industry, activity, and address of the business as well as registered company number and tax ID.
  • Director Details - if applicable
  • Details of the Person opening the account - if different than Director Details
  • Ownership Structure - if applicable. myPOS needs to be made aware of all stakeholders who own or have control over more than 25% of the company.
  • Additional details - general information about the business location and seasonality, the source of income (required by law), expected annual turnover and average transaction amount.


When the checkbox at the bottom of the sign-up page is selected, a 4-digit code is generated and sent to the provided mobile number via text message. The code should be entered in the designated box. Generally, the code should be received within a minute of selecting the box. If a code is not received within this time, click on the ‘Receive a call’ button.


The Special Code (optional) box should only be filled in if the signup is being completed together with a myPOS official distributor or if a myPOS device was purchased from a myPOS official distributor.


Once the account is created, an email is generated and sent to the provided email address. The email contains information on Identity Verification.



Order a myPOS Device

A myPOS device can be purchased through an official myPOS Distributor, by visiting a myPOS Store or online via the myPOS Online Shop.


The fastest way to purchase a myPOS device is via the myPOS Online Shop. Just visit the store and choose your myPOS device. Placing an order only takes a minute and here is what is needed:

  1. Sign in | A device can be purchased by signing into the myPOS account or as a Store Guest Purchasing the device. Signing into the myPOS account is recommended as the myPOS system will automatically populate the merchant’s details into the address section
  2. Address
  3. Shipping method 
  4. Payment

One or more devices can be linked to the merchant’s myPOS account allowing for further flexibility when accepting payments. Compare the myPOS Devices and choose the most suitable POS terminal.



Use myPOS Online services only

As you are not required to buy a device to have a myPOS account, you may just open the account, get verified and use the online services.



Fees for myPOS account

Opening a myPOS Account is free of charge. There are no monthly or annual service fees, the merchant only pays for the services used. 
You can find more here.

The Transaction fees are as low as 1.75%, however, may vary depending on your business activity, geographical location and other factors. Please fill in the request form and our team will send you a tailor-made offer. 



Next steps

Before you can process live transactions, the tech steps will also need to be complete. We highly recommend that you test the integration before you start processing live payments.