Find out how to integrate and test your integration.


Tech integration


Making a test payment in your e-commerce or app does not require a myPOS account. You can simply play and test the functionality. TEST your integration prior to going live.

To integrate your point-of-sale system with myPOS, you will need a myPOS Account and a test device. You can order a test device by sending a request with a description of the use case by contacting us.

In order for you to accept payment through myPOS, you need to integrate our APIs. myPOS offers a wide variety of integration options for in person, e-commerce and mobile platforms as well as pre-built SDKs and shopping cart plug-ins. 


Next Steps

For more technical information on particular integrations check In PersonOnline and Mobile
When the contract is signed, and your integration is tested, you can check Going live

Find out how to configure your myPOS account to start accepting live payments.