myPOS Payment API, is ideal for developers who want to build a custom point-of-sale solution for in-person payments. The Payment API allows you to integrate the myPOS payments flow and utilize our card readers into a customized POS that suits your business’s unique needs.


myPOS Payment API is perfect for businesses that want to build upon the out-of-the-box capabilities of myPOS stand-alone devices. For example, custom furniture stores might need complex order forms for customized item specs. Museums and events sometimes have custom ticketing requirements and payments. Professional services might need custom order management workflows such as assessment and delivery dates. In all these cases, developers can create a customized POS app that integrates easily with myPOS Payments API to take care of the payment flow process.


Whatever your business, if you need a POS system that’s perfectly tailored to your unique needs, myPOS Payment API offers you fully integrated payment processing without having to build your own payment flow from scratch. By using our Payment API, you get access to all these tools along with the workflows you need in your specialized POS app. You’re able to view all your transactions in myPOS Account. Our point-of-sale API is fully PCI compliant, our fees are competitive, and our sellers get paid instantly.


Build custom Point Of Sale solution

myPOS Payment API is communication specific and can be used as a foundation for complex payment solutions. The protocol provides a standard way of communication between myPOS devices and custom point-of-sale systems via Bluetooth and USB interfaces. To make it easier, we wrapped up our API and prepared a couple of SDKs and dedicated reference guides.


myPOS Payment API maintains the communication between a custom point-of-sale system and myPOS devices.


  Payment process



To process checkout, the API provides management of the terminal in order to complete all the steps of transaction processing, return or refund, card storage for recurring transactions, and communicate to the application transaction status, card token, card masked PAN.


No sensitive card data is ever passed through to or stored on the merchant's mobile app. All data is encrypted by the card terminal, which has been fully certified to the highest industry standards (PCI, EMV I & II, Visa, MasterCard & Amex).


The myPOS tradicinonal POS devices support special configuration profile called “Cash Register”. Such profile enable direct communication with payment device over USB or Bluetooth interface. In order to make the device work in integrated mode, certain effort (development) should be undertaken – depending on the host system. Depending on your use case, myPOS device can get its Internet connection from the master device, or it can alternatively use its own communication interfaces. Please note that in both methods, all the sensitive cardholder data is encrypted by myPOS device and sent to our server for processing – meaning that you’re not involved in any means with the capturing, processing and storing of cardholder sensitive data.


Please follow the procedure below in order to enable profile “Cash Register”.
1. Press on “FUNC”,
2. Go to page settings page 3
3. Select 6. “Change profile”;
4. Choose 2. “Cash register”.
5. Device is being restarted;
6. Choose type of connectivity to master device (BT or USB)
7. Choose type of connectivity to financial host (BT, USB, SIM, WiFi)
8. Device waiting for connection from the host.


In order to accept card payments with myPOS Traditional devices integrated with your app, there are several integration options (SDKs):


Check our Github repositories for the latest version of myPOS Payment API SDK's.  


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