Find out how to configure your myPOS account to start accepting live payments.



Point of sale

If you are integrating with a point of sale, you can order terminals by contacting our Online Shop, myPOS Checkouts or your local myPOS distributor.


When integrating with Mini, Combo or Go devices, you should specify prior to purchase that you would like to have them configured with the Integrated Software Mode.


In case your device works as a stand-alone device, you can always contact our support team and have it configured remotely. 

If you are integrating with myPOS Smart devices, we advise you to check our AppМarket guide

Online Checkout

Once you have everything implemented and tested, you need to set your Checkout to production environment, disable test mode and change your test data.


Production environment host


We strongly recommend to thoroughly test your integration and different payment methods. Make sure you have configured everything with the correct production settings.


In order to process live transactions on your website or app, you will have to do the following configuration.


Please have in mind that your Checkout has to be VERIFIED by myPOS which will take up to 5 business days. Until your Checkout is verified, you can still process transactions but with certain limits (maximum 200 EUR total amount of all transactions or equivalent in other currency). In addition, money is held as a reserve until successful verification.

Each and every change to the Checkout configuration requires new verification from myPOS, therefore, re-applying the limits above. 



Show your customers you accept card payments

Once you are ready, show off you accept card payments with a set of pre-made card scheme logo sprites. You can place them on your product pages, footer or a place of your choosing. Download our premade logo set here.