Getting Started 

myPOS is a fully-licensed end-to-end omnichannel payment solution for merchants and service providers. With a large array of features and products clients are equipped with the tools they need to accept various payments and effectively manage and operate with their funds. Clients can integrate with our platform through multiple channels.

 Complete experience

myPOS provides you with a range of powerful connection and integration technologies, user-friendly client portal, and convenient reporting tools that are simple and easy to use. These were designed to eliminate the technical complexity and difficulty that many clients and partners typically encounter when trying to conduct cashless commerce, and they are designed to require minimum effort to implement by our customers.

We have publicly published our proprietary APIs, which provide a set of programming instructions and standards to access and connect to our systems. We have also developed a set of SDKs, which provide software development tools, code and documentation to help third-party developers create applications on our platform.



Get familiar with myPOS integration resources and explore their features. We support APIs for in-person payments using our myPOS devices, online payments with myPOS Checkout and in-app payments for native Android and iOS apps. Depending on your case, you can follow the guides below or contact us for any questions you may have.


What do you need?

I need to...


Accept payments from my website

Checkout API 


Collect payments in my mobile application In-App Payments
Store a card token for later purchases Tokenization
Collect recurring payments with a stored card token Recurring payments
Integrate a custom point-of-sale system with myPOS Traditional devices Payment API
Integrate a vending machine with myPOS Traditional devices Payment API
Integrate an Android app with myPOS Smart devices

Smart SDK


Get notified about an event


Target audience

This documentation is intended for merchants (business) and developers or integrators (tech). 

The key steps below are split into the following flows – business (legal and commercial) and technical (integration and testing).

Configure an account 

It is possible to do the business steps before the technical steps, but it is not advisable to do the technical steps before the business steps in case there are any issues with your application. For complex business cases, we recommend you contact us.


Next steps

Now we make a split between the business and tech steps. If you are involved in the application or contract, follow the business steps. If you are involved in the integration, go to the tech steps