Under PSD2 an ‘account information service’ is an online service which provides consolidated information on payment accounts held by a payment service user with payment service providers. These services already exist in the UK, however, PSD2 will bring them within the scope of regulation. This will ensure that account information service providers (AISPs) can receive access to payment accounts, whilst also placing requirements on them to ensure security for users.




Read Account List

GET /accounts

Read Account Details

GET /accounts/{accountNumber}

Read Account Balances

GET /accounts/{accountNumber}/balances

Read Account Transactions

GET /accounts/{accountNumber}/transactions

Read Card Account List

GET /card-accounts

Read Card Account Details

GET /card-accounts/{accountNumber}

Read Card Account Balances

GET /card-accounts/{accountNumber}/balances

Read Card Account Transactions

GET /card-accounts/{accountNumber}/transactions