myPOS REST API provides the functionality to create a Webhook (an HTTP callback) which allows you to receive notifications directly in your system for certain events as soon as they occur in your myPOS account (such as outgoing bank transfers and POS payments).


REST API is a set of REST (Representational State Transfer) rules that allow two software systems (where one is the service provider or resource, and the other is the service consumer or client) to communicate with each other over simple HTTP requests. 



The latest version of the API is 1.0




Webhook API Base URL:

Auth API Base URL:

Postman API Collection: myPOS Webhook API.postman_collection.json

Postman Enviroment Variables: myPOS Production.postman_environment.json




oAuth credentials

Token generation

Token revocation



Creating a webhook

List webhooks

Updating a webhook

Deleting a webhook

Receiving a webhook

Responding to a webhook

Verifying webhook signature



List current subscriptions

List available events

Subscribe for an event

Update event subscription

Unsubscribe from an event

Request sandbox event notification

List event notifications