Use myPOS Mobile Checkout Android SDK UI components for a frictionless checkout in your app. Minimize your PCI scope with a UI that can be themed to match your brand colors.

Built-in features include quick data entry, optional security checks and fraud prevention that let you focus on developing other areas of your app.

The myPOS Mobile Checkout Android SDK supports a range of UI customization options to allow you to match payment screen appearance to your app's branding.




Hide custom name field

Pass true in the intent opening StoreCardActivity or PurchaseActivity if you don't want to show 'Custom name' field like this:

intent.putExtra(MyPos.INTENT_EXTRA_WITHOUT_CUSTOM_NAME, true);


Set custom banner

There is a possibility to set your merchant brand logo or banner in the action bar on StoreCardActivity, UpdateCardActivity and PurchaseActivty. The image should be added in your project as a resource and the resource ID should be passed like this:

intent.putExtra(MyPos.INTENT_EXTRA_CUSTOM_LOGO_RESOURCE, R.drawable.merchang_banner);


Configuring displayed colors

Create a new theme that has a theme as a parent, in this example, we'll customize the button color:

<style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.MyPOS">
    <item name="colorButtonNormal">#F68121</item>
    <item name="colorAccent">@android:color/white</item>

Depending on the styles used in your app, you could customize the colors of the following elements:

  • Field on focus
  • Hint text in the fields
  • Entered text colors
  • Field under line color
  • Buttons colors

<color name="myposFocusedColor"       tools:override="true">#ffa500</color>
<color name="myposEditTextHintColor"  tools:override="true">#9c9c9c</color>
<color name="myposEditTextColor"      tools:override="true">#444444</color>
<color name="myposEdtTitleTextColor"  tools:override="true">#bbbbbb</color>
<color name="myposUnderlineColor"     tools:override="true">#bbbbbb</color>
<color name="myposButtonColor"        tools:override="true">#008000</color>