Use myPOS Mobile Checkout iOS SDK UI components for a frictionless checkout in your app. Minimize your PCI scope with a UI that can be themed to match your brand colors and style.

Built-in features include quick data entry, optional security checks and fraud prevention that let you focus on developing other areas of your app.

The myPOS Mobile Checkout iOS SDK supports a range of UI customization options to allow you to match payment screen appearance to your app's branding.

Create a new MobilePaymentTheme object and set its properties. Here is an example of the default theme.


var theme = MobilePaymentTheme()
theme.textFieldFont        = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 14.0)
theme.labelTextColor       = UIColor.defaultTextColor
theme.placeholderColor     = UIColor.lightGray
theme.barButtonItemColor   = UIColor.buttonEnabled
theme.textFieldTextColor   = UIColor.defaultTextColor
theme.placeholderFontSize  = 13.0
theme.textFieldBorderColor = UIColor.gray.withAlphaComponent(0.3)
theme.navigationTitleColor = UIColor.defaultTextColor
theme.placeholderAlignment = .left
MobilePaymentTheme *theme  = [MobilePaymentTheme new];
theme.textFieldFont        = [UIFont systemFontOfSize:14.0];
theme.labelTextColor       = [UIColor defaultTextColor];
theme.placeholderColor     = [UIColor lightGrayColor];
theme.barButtonItemColor   = [UIColor buttonEnabled];
theme.textFieldTextColor   = [UIColor defaultTextColor];
theme.placeholderFontSize  = 13.0;
theme.textFieldBorderColor = [[UIColor grayColor] colorWithAlphaComponent:.3];
theme.navigationTitleColor = [UIColor defaultTextColor];
theme.placeholderAlignment = NSTextAlignmentLeft;


After settings up the theme, tell the SDK to apply it:


[MobilePaymentSDK applyTheme:theme];

Note: Each method in the SDK has Xcode style documentation accessible in the Utilities Quick help section or by holding “alt” and mouse clicking on the method.