As an example of integration, please use the sample app provided in this repository as a reference.



In order to use myPOS Payment Protocol .Net SDK, you need to have installed .Net Framework version 4.5.2 or above.

  1. In Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, select the project.
  2. On the Project menu, click Add Reference. The Add Reference dialog box opens.
  3. Browse to the downloaded ‘myPOSTerminal.dll’ and click the Select button.
  4. After confirming with OK, the selected reference ‘myPOS Terminal’ will appear under the References node of the project



In order to use myPOS Payment Protocol .Net SDK methods, you need to create an object of myPOSTerminal class:

using myPOS;
myPOSTerminal terminal = new myPOSTerminal();

You can set terminal language and receipt configuration mode here. If those are not set anywhere in the application, the Traditional myPOS device will use its default settings:



Connect to terminal

Each time the Traditional myPOS device is plugged, you have to specify the COM Port uses and initiate a new connection:

terminal.Initialize((string)"COM3"); // This COM number is used as an example