Preparing your Xcode project

  1. Add the myPOSService.framework to your Xcode project.
  2. Link your app against myPOSService.framework.


Privacy Info plist keys



Import the framework

#import <myPOSBluetoothSDK/myPOSBluetoothSDK.h>
If you are using swift, you will need to create a bridging header and import the framework there. For more information about bridging headers, please visit Apple's documentation.

##Call the initialization method Call the initialization method while passing the currency for financial operations (purchase, refund, etc.)


[myPOSService startInitializationFromController:self
                                 withCompletion:^(MPPOSDeviceMode posDeviceMode, NSError * _Nullable error) {
myPOSService.startInitialization(from: self) { (posDeviceMode, error) in



Custom navigation title

You can set a custom navigation title in the SDK screens, by using the method below:

[myPOSService setAppName:@"My App Name"];
myPOSService.setAppName("My App Name")