If the partner’s application print a receipt for each card payment, the payment data can be taken from the details of MPRGetTxnStatus.


Main properties of the receipt



Property name

 1 Billing descriptor merch_name
 2 Merchant address – City, Post code and address merch_address_line1 merch_address_line2
 3 Terminal ID tid
 4 Merchant ID mid
 5 Date and time of the transaction (merchant’s date and time) merch_txn_date
 6 Card brand aid_name
 7 Card PAN masked_pan
 8 Cardholder name emboss_name
 9 Transaction type Depends on the requested financial command
 10 Transaction amount and currency amount
 11 Verification method signature_required
 12 Transaction status APPROVED when response_code = 00
DECLINED when response_code ≠ 00
 13 STAN stan
 14 Authorization code auth_code
 15 RRN rrn
 16 AID aid





Examples of standard receipt from terminal

Purchase – successful


Purchase – declined


Last transaction void