Step-by-step guide

Log in to your myPOS AppMarket account at

Click on the Add New App menu – it will open the mobile application submission form.

Add new app form


Filling out the submission form

Application Name

Enter a unique name for your app.

Release Type

From the drop menu choose Official release.

Upload APK File

Click on the Browse button and find the apk file that you want to upload. Wait until the upload is complete. Once uploaded, the system will read the apk’s manifest file and will automatically fill in the below fields  with the apk’s  parameters:

  • Application Version
  • Version Code
  • Package
  • Application Depends on Android Version
  • Permissions

The current settings for your apk's build have to be the following:

Project structure


Application Depends on myPOS OS Version

Choose a suitable version.

Short Description

Type a short description /80 symbols max/ for your app.

Long Description

Type a long description/4000 symbols max/ for your app. You can use the HTML editor to adjust the layout of the text.

Upload Screenshots

Upload at least 2 and up to 8 screenshots of your app. The images can be .jpeg or .png type formats with minimum width of 320px and maximum width - 3840px. It is recommended that you upload images with the appropriate device dimensions.

Upload Banner

Upload a banner for your app. Dimensions of the image: 720w x 400h .JPG or .PNG.

Upload App Icon

Upload your app’s icon. Dimensions of the image must be exactly: 512x512, .PNG format with an enabled option for transparency.

Publish to App Market

Select Yes if you want the app to be published online or No if you want to publish it at a later stage.

Device Model

Choose a terminal model – Smart, Smart N5, Hub, Hub+, Kiosk.

Application Category

Select the category of your app.

Available in Countries

Select the countries where your app will be available.

Privacy Policy 

Provide a link to your app’s privacy policy.


Click the Submit button. When you click, an error message regarding the apk file might pop up. Please read the message and if you need help, contact us at

If the upload is successful, your app will be submitted for review.



Adding a version for both device models

After successfully uploading your APK for one of the devices, you can add the file for the other device models as well.

This is how it works:

Go to your app's description page and click on Add New Version.

myPOS Cash Register app


In the Menu Device Model choose another device. 


Device model


If you want to upload a new app version for the same device, just replace the apk file in the menu Upload APK File when submitting a new version.

APK switch


If you have a different apk version for the other devices, you need to replace the file and choose the appropriate device model.

Upload APK file


 Device model