App Distribution


After developing a Business App, you need to register to AppMarket in order to submit it for review. Following the build guidelines and the successful submission of the app sends it to the AppMarket employee for review and approval. If the app gets approved, it is signed and published to the wide public for download and installation on the selected myPOS Smart Devices.


App Submission

To submit an app, you need to have an approved Developer AppMarket account. Contact us with details about yourself and your app.

Following this Guide can help you with your app submission, and if you have any difficulties you can contact us for assistance.


App Review

The Review of your app is conducted in two layers: automated and manual.

The automated is done in the submission form and it checks the app's structure and size. If you have fulfilled the APK building guidelines the app will be successfully uploaded. But if something is incorrect, you will not be able to submit your app for manual review.

When the app passes the automated verification, a myPOS AppMarket employee conducts a manual review by installing it on test and production devices. In order to use the application features, in connection of application submission developers are requested to provide test credentials to the application

The manual application verification process may cover tasks like:

  • A security test to ensure the app doesn’t include any malware code.
  • Stability test to ensure the app doesn’t crash.
  • A performance test to verify the app doesn’t slow down the terminal.
  • Functional test to verify documented application features.
  • Quality, verifying the application provides positive end user experience.
  • Interoperability test to verify the app can be installed and run on targeted devices.
  • Integration test to verify if the app calls the terminal functions successfully.

When the app passes the manual test it is signed by a myPOS employee with the PCI Certification Key for the targeted devices and tested again on production environment. On rare occasions, the signing might compress the apk badly and cause unwanted errors, bugs and crashes. In those rare cases, the developer of the app might be asked to validate the core code and rebuild his app.

Once the app tests on production environment pass, the app is approved and set to status Online in the AppMarket. When it is online, it is available for every production device and merchants can install the app.