With this integration, a Vend user can initiate a payment on our Smart Devices through their Vend Sell tab.


If you have a Vend account and wish to accept card present payments, this integration will do the trick.



You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Vend authentication page
  2. Login in your Vend account. Note you need to be either owner, admin or manager of the store.

  3. Allow myPOS to Access your data via Vend’s REST API. This is required to later map your Vend register with your myPOS Smart POS Terminal. You will be redirected to myPOS website afterwards.

    Allow access Vend account

  4. Log in to your myPOS account. You will be redirected to your Vend Integration page afterwards.

    myPOS login

  5. Save which myPOS Smart Terminal is working at which Vend Register.

    Link vend registers

  6. To add myPOS as a Payment Type in Vend, you need to:

    1) In your Vend store and navigate to Setup -> Payment Types -> Add Payment Type.

    2) Choose “Other Provider” as a Payment Type.

    Add new payment type

    3) Set the Name to anything you would like, we suggest “myPOS”

    4) Set the Gateway to https://vend.mypos.eu/vend-sale


    5) Click Save Payment Type and you are all set!

  7. Restart your myPOS Smart Device




Show your customers you accept card payments

Once you are ready, show off you accept card payments with a set of pre-made card scheme logo sprites. You can place them on your product pages, footer or a place of your choosing. Download our premade logo set here.