In order to start testing the myPOS Web Checkout payments, you need to:

  1. Implement the myPOS Web Checkout.
  2. Send a POST request with all the data to the test host address.
  3. Test the following scenarios:
  • Error in the POST request – missing or invalid data;
  • Send wrong signature to myPOS Web Checkout;
  • Check myPOS Web Checkout message signature for authenticity;
  • The Customer terminates the process on the myPOS Checkout payment page;
  • Customer pays successfully;
  • Customer pays successfully, however the merchant’s website does not return HTTP OK to myPOS Web Checkout.


Please note that if you successfully reached the myPOS Checkout page, it does not always mean that you've completed your integration. Sometimes, a misconfigured public certificate might result in an inability for myPOS system to notify merchant's website for payment result. This would mean that cardholder will reach myPOS Checkout page, will input cardholder details and upon payment, the payment could be processed, but myPOS system is unable to connect to merchant's notify URL.