1. Create Account

You will need a myPOS account to process live payments. Assuming that you have already created and verified your account at https://www.mypos.com you may proceed further.


2. Create a Checkout

Check the Store Management section for more information on Checkout creation and configuration.


Please have in mind that your Checkout has to be VERIFIED by myPOS which will take up to 5 business days. Until your Checkout is verified, you can still process transactions but with certain limits (maximum 3 000 EUR total amount of all transactions or equivalent in other currency). Also, money is held as a reserve until successful verification.
Every change to the Checkout configuration requires new verification from myPOS, therefore, re-applying the limits above.


This is a list of businesses that are NOT accepted:

  • Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Pharma, Nutra products 
  • Gambling
  • Adult content
  • Tobacco products
  • Movie and music streaming
  • Hosting


3. Change the Environment

Once you have everything implemented and tested, you need to set your Checkout to production environment, disable test mode and change your test data.

Production environment hosthttps://www.mypos.com/vmp/checkout

Make sure you have configured everything with the correct production settings.
For additional information check Configuration


NOTE: Don't forget to remove the TEST Public Certificate or change the Key Index accordingly.



4. Test live payments 

A best practice is to make sure that real payments are processed correctly. 

Some important points:

  • Always use real debit or credit cards. The test cards provided won’t work in production environment.
  • Test all the payment scenarios and security features you require to verify the expected behavior.

Make a test transaction of at least 0.10 Euro or equivalent to make sure payments go through as expected.

Please note that if you successfully reached the myPOS Checkout page, it does not always mean that you've completed your integration. Sometimes, a misconfigured public certificate might result in an inability for myPOS system to notify the merchant's website for payment result. This would mean that cardholder will reach myPOS Checkout page, will input cardholder details and upon payment, the payment could be processed, but myPOS system is unable to connect to the merchant's notify URL.


If myPOS system cannot connect to the merchant's website to notify for payment result, payment gets reversed. It should be taken into account, that while myPOS system settles the reversal instantly, sometimes the cardholder's issuing bank might delay the funds.