This document is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Hotel Runner with your myPOS account so you can accept online payments for your clients' reservations.


In this guide, you will find the 5 necessary parameters which you need to send to Hotel Runner:

  1. Private key
  2. Public certificate
  3. Key index
  4. Store ID
  5. Client number


In your myPOS Account, for each individual hotel, you need to create a new Checkout by following the steps here.


Important note: make sure you select the same currency as the one in which you are processing your reservations. For example, make sure you have enabled the EUR currency if you process orders in EUR. You can also add every other currency which you support - if you want to support orders in BGN, include a BGN account and so on for every currency. 


If you didn't add all of the desired currencies when creating the Checkout, you can do it once it is created in the menu Stores > eCommerce > Name of the Checkout > Settings > Transaction currencies 


For every separate hotel, you can create a new currency account and assign it to that specific Checkout which will process reservations for the hotel.  



Parameters for Hotel Runner

All the necessary parameters for the integration with Hotel Runner are mentioned below:

  1. Private key
  2. Public certificate
  3. Key index
  4. Store ID
  5. Client number


You will need to integrate your Checkout with the Hotel Runner integration method.

You can start the integration process as soon as you create your Checkout, or do it later by pressing the Configure button in the Checkout's Integration tab.


Checkout Store Setup

This type of setup is based on the generation of a key pair - Private key and Public Certificate. You need to provide both to Hotel Runner. Keep in mind that the Private key is shown only once and you need to store it securely. Should you lose it, you will need to generate a new key pair. The myPOS Public Certificate is saved in the Integration tab and can be downloaded at any time if needed.


      1. Key Pair (Private/Public Key)

Let’s start setting up your Checkout store:

  1. Log in to your myPOS Account
  2. Go to menu Stores
  3. Click on "Create store" as shown on the screen below.

 Create store button


Once ready, you can start the integration right away.


      4. myPOS Checkout API

 Choose integration method


You need to fill in your store details:


Second step store creation

        5.Private & Public Key


Store creation

You will be able to download the key pair from the following screen in the next step.



  1. Key Index

Please NOTE that you should also check the Key Index value of your key pair. It is found in the Integration tab as well, and it indicates that you will be using this key pair for your integration. This also needs to be provided to Hotel Runner.

Your Key Index should be visible in the bottom left of this screen




  1. Store ID

You can find the Store ID in the general information for your Checkout


Store ID


  1. Client Number


You can find it in the Company information menu accessible from the top right corner of your myPOS account.


 Account company information

 Company information - Client number



Completing Your Store Setup

Once integrated, the new Checkout will be with status “Enabled”. 


NOTE: Request URLs should be your Hotel runner domain where the request for payment come from.




When you are ready with the creation of your new Checkout, it will have to be verified by the myPOS team which may take up to 5 business days. You might be contacted to provide additional information to complete the verification process. Please note that each change to the configuration of your Checkout will have to be verified by myPOS again. After the Checkout is fully verified, the payment method myPOS Checkout will be enabled and visible on the payment page of your hotel's reservation module in Hotel Runner.



Hotel Runner Account Setup


Once your Checkout Store is ready, you can copy all of the relevant parameters (Private key, Public certificate, Key index, Store ID, Client number).


Now you can go to the Hotel Runner website, log into your account and in the Payment Settings, go to myPOS and fill in all of the previously generated data in their respective fields.