The API requires the merchants to modify their payment page at the shopping cart so to include myPOS Checkout as a payment option. When the customer chooses myPOS Checkout as a payment method he will actually submit an HTML form to the Payment Gateway secure web servers using HTTPS protocol. The submitted form will contain all needed information about the payment (such as myPOS Account number, Checkout store ID, shopping cart data, currency, amount, etc.). The customer will then be transferred to the myPOS secure servers in order to perform the payment.

Once the myPOS Checkout API processes the payment, the system will pass the result to the merchant web server and the customer will be redirected to the Checkout “checkout result” page.


NOTE: iFrame and other analogues won't work due to security reasons


Interaction Diagram

  Payment process


Payment Process In Steps


  1. Internet customer chooses myPOS Checkout as a payment method at the merchant’s Checkout page.
  2. Merchant web server initiates payment through the Payment Gateway.
  3. Customer web browser is redirected to myPOS Checkout payment link along with the payment details.
  4. If the customer cancels the payment, he will be redirected to the merchant’s “Cancel payment” page.
  5. The customer needs to fill in his payment data and to click the button “Confirm”.

Most of the customer data will be automatically filled in and the customer will need to complete just a few of the fields.

  1. Payment gateway system receives the details for the payment – successful or declined.
  2. Payment gateway system passes the result to the merchant web server and the customer web browser is directed to the myPOS Checkout result page.
  3. If the customer clicks on the “Return to …” button he will be redirected to the merchant’s result page. 


myPOS Checkout Payment Page




Refund Transactions


The merchant could initiate a refund transaction for any previously executed payment. This functionality is available in his account pages in menu Transaction/ Transaction details.


In a case where the customer has lodged a justified complaint or the merchant is unable to deliver the goods, he could refund any partial amount of the payment back to the customer.


myPOS always books the refund back in the originally used payment method. The maximum refunded amount is 100 percent of the original amount.