Response code is returned from the Card Schemes and is corresponding to ISO-8583 field 39. Often used values are provided in a table below:


Response Description
00 Approved or completed successfully
01 Refer to card issuer Call Issuer
03 Invalid merchant Decline
04 Capture card Capture
05 Do not honor Decline
08 Honor with ID Approve
10 Partial Approval Approve
12 Invalid transaction Decline
13 Invalid amount Decline
14 Invalid card number Decline
15 Invalid issuer Decline
30 Format error Decline
41 Lost card Capture
43 Stolen card Capture
51 Insufficient funds/over credit limit
54 Expired card Decline
55 Invalid PIN Decline
57 Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholder
58 Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal
61 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62 Restricted card Decline
63 Security violation Decline
65 Exceeds withdrawal count limit
70 Contact Card Issuer Call Issuer
71 PIN Not Changed Decline
75 Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
76 Invalid/nonexistent “To Account” specified
77 Invalid/nonexistent “From Account” specified
78 Invalid/nonexistent account specified (general)
81 Domestic Debit Transaction Not Allowed (Regional use only)
84 Invalid Authorization Life Cycle
85 Not declined Valid for all zero amount transactions.
86 PIN Validation not possible Decline
87 Purchase Amount Only, No Cash Back Allowed
88 Cryptographic failure Decline
89 Unacceptable PIN—Transaction
91 Authorization Platform or issuer system inoperative
92 Unable to route transaction Decline
94 Duplicate transmission detected
96 System error Decline